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I created this website because I realised that, while researching, investigating and journaling the chronicles of the internet's many rabbit holes is an interesting endeavour, it's more naturally suited to a group approach, so I created this website so everyone can participate in a hub of information.

I am a veteran creative journalist, editor and producer. I spent more than 20 years in the media from independent mastheads the largest in Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, research has sent me down the deep burrows of esoteric and outlandish conspiracies to report on how they shape the counter-culture of online communities across the internet.

I have written articles, created documentary episodes on these subjects etc and, while I will always continue to work independently, I am looking forward to make Trawl a place where I and many others can have a community resource to share information and conversations relating to these amazing subjects.

I hope you all enjoy using the site as we get more people participating and build it into a valuable resource.

See you in the comments!
Daniel James


  • Hi everyone,

    My background is mostly formed in local government (20yrs) and extremely community focused. I used to be a dog catcher back in the day - it was the best job!! Currently I am a library branch coordinator, working for and with the community in a low socioeconomic area. The struggles are real, as has been the Covid-19 isolation.

    I love helping people and try to see the positive side of life. I have a beautiful Akita inu (big dog) called Noriyuki and I love him to bits.

    I think we can build a really diverse platform here. Thanks for the invite Daniel.

  • Welcome BeeGeez, super glad to have you here!

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    Thanks for joining Deb. I recommend the www.oom2.com website as a great resource and archive!

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Silvia, 36 years old, from the Netherlands and always up for a good, healthy and respectful discussion. You all know me on YouTube as SillymcChilly.

    I'm crazy about all things conspiracy, (ancient) history and space. I had a lot of unexplainable experiences that started since I was a little kid that made me search for answers and what made me a part of this great community. I believe in ET and sadly that made me fall for the blue chicken cult. Luckily common sense kicked in and I realized it was all a big commercial scheme.

    Still I wish for more disclosure cause I'm sure they are out there and watching us!

    Thanks Daniel for creating this site!

    God bless you all!

  • Hello friends old and new. I am Staci. I, well, I have been deeply fascinated with the unexplained my entire life. I have some areas of greater interest than others, but have dabbled in it all.

    I am sort of a perpetual pep-sqad captain mixed with PTA teacher. That translates to have a lot of friends in a lot of places. My persistence in popping up repeatedly, being cheerful and relatively netural has afforded me a lot of fascinating relationships. Which in turn has offered me uniqe close up views of a lot of things happening, largely in UFO/Conspiracy field. My opinions are my own, but probably based on more first or second hand information than I can tell you I have. 😎

    I am the team lead for a Colorado Paranormal Investigation team, but my "specialization" is and will always be UFO's. I am just drawn to the topic like it is honey. I have spent a fair amount of time in the CE-5 field, study with Ricardo Gonzalez from Peru, and work helping Paola Harris with her Laughlin Starworks USA Conference. (I am on the Board of Directors and will be the Stage Manager in 2021) I have no perception or idea that I am a contactee or anything dramatic, I just really want to find out the answers. For myself. I don't want to read someone elses version of the answers. That is wholly unsatisfying.

    I have decided that within the field of UFOlogy, it is 50% grifters/fraudsters/hucksters to varying degrees, 30% people with kernels of truth that have been expounded upon for a self serving purpose, and 20% worth really considering and picking apart. For quite a few years I enjoyed the process of collecting and sifting through the information, but I am so done giving my energy away. I have no time for anyone I am suspicous of at this point. However knowing those nuggets of truth are out there, having seen some of them myself, I am not going to stop looking for more.

    Each year I get sucked in a bit deeper and deeper. I feel about chest deep right now. How deep is too deep?

    Also, I am happily married to my best friend, have 3 grown kids, and just became a grandmother yesterday! WOOT! I may give up UFOlogy completely and devote my life to spoiling.

    My other hobby is drumming. I play the djembe with a performance group that includes vocalists, violins, djundjun drums, and sometimes dancers. Mostly, I will pound a drum with my hands any chance I can get. I can't wait for COVID to be over so that we can perform and drum shoulder to shoulder again! Drumming in groups of 6 is not as moving when you are accustomed to being in circle with 15-100 other drums!

  • I had no idea you were a drummer Staci, that's pretty darn cool!

  • Hey everyone, I'm Jamie!!!  Like Daniel, I have about 20 years of experience working as a TV producer, writer, journalist, and digital media exec. I've been interested in this field for a very long time and when I saw this site go up I immediately wanted to get involved because I think that these topics deserve a fair shot at being looked at and explored from a rational and fair perspective. I can't wait to grow this community of like-minded individuals & have some fun along the way. :-) 
  • Stoked to have you on board Jamie. Think this is the start of something that has a lot of potential with good people around 👌

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