Corey Goode / James Corey Goode / Self-proclaimed Secret Space Program whistleblower

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Corey Goode is a self-described Secret Space Program ‘insider’, intuitive empath and extraterrestrial experiencer.

Born February 22, 1970 as James Corey Goode, he tells a remarkable tale which he says begins at the age of 6 when he was identified early as possessing extraordinary pre-cognitive abilities and brought into the Government’s Military Abduction Program, or MILAB for short.

Just before his 17th birthday in 1986, Goode claims he served his first of three 20-year stints in the Secret Space Program, a black government project which served to advance the industrialisation of humanity into the interstellar community.

The logical question you may ask at this point of the story is: How it is possible that someone aged 49 can have conceivably served 60 years’ service. Well, as Goode will tell you, that’s where the top-secret, age-regression technology comes in.

Each of Goode’s ‘20 and Back’ off-planet assignments reportedly called on his empathic abilities, where he says he would be used in meetings and other interactions with extraterrestrials to read the intentions of a being and then relay them to the person assigned to interrogate them. He claims he would also work with two other intuitive empaths to ‘triangulate’ their abilities to greater effect.

But it’s Goode’s out of this world whistleblower testimony about the scale of the Secret Space Program that put him squarely in the spotlight of the alternative community.

A sweaty and nervous Goode made his first appearance on Gaia TV’s Cosmic Disclosure in July 2015, talking to host David Wilcock outlining his work as part of the Earth delegation in a galactic Super Federation.

Goode talks about the various Earth factions which make up our Planet’s secret space program which include factions from the US Military, corporations, a Global International Alliance and a breakaway group of space NAZI’s who have sided with a race of Reptilian extraterrestrials.

He talks of the ‘Super Federation’ meetings which cover the 22 genetic programs in place on our planet where Alien races are manipulating and mixing our DNA with their own.

Much of Goode’s information comes from a ‘glass pad’ device which he says gave him access to study documentation and learn more about the various ET races in outer-space including the Reptilians as well as many other beings such as the Nordics, Ebins, Grays, Blue-skinned, Green-skinned, Orientals, Polynesians, Ant-types, Mantis-types and many, many more.

Ultimately his story became one of an epic intergalactic battle between good and evil, and his role as the chosen delegate for the ‘Blue Avians’ an alien race of 8ft tall bird-looking humanoids where he relays ‘important messages for humanity.’ In more recent times, Goode has focussed more on his travels inside our planet where he made contact with an inner-Earth community of time-travellers called The Anshar who claim to be ‘us’ from the future. The common link between both cases is that Goode is the chosen one to speak on their behalf.


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