OBS vs Streamelements vs Streamyard - Discuss

I have had bad experiences with Streamyard and Streamelements, and I find OBS is the only reliable way to run a livecast

I know however that this is not the case for all, I am interested in hearing opinions and experiences with these other platforms


  • Personally I've only used streamyard for other people's shows and it seems to work well, much like a zoom call.

    But yeah, for my streams I use OBS. It was a learning curve to get it all working at my end with my mac and particular mic set up. But I can see that it gives you a lot more control, but with added complexity.

    Only downside so far is having guests on, which would traditionally use something like discord overlays, but I don't know if you can have people join a discord call via an easy weblink and without having an account.

  • you can create a cam link directly thru obs

    For example, when I ran a stream, I piped audio thru discord, and my friend piped his video in via an obs generated link, which I then placed on frame. It's a little work at the beginning but once it's setup it works pretty amazingly

    I assume that international connections will have extra latency but all in all, OBS is worth the struggle at the beginning IMO

  • Ahh, you must be using streamlabs obs? Or some online version? I'm using the OG downloaded software.
  • https://obs.ninja/
    this is how
    (I am also using OG obs)
  • Spooky said:
    this is how
    (I am also using OG obs)
    Spooky, THAT is awesome!
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