When Freedom of Information and Public Affairs Collide On The UFO Issue

Credit: John Greenwald at theblackvault.com  and Marc Cecotti at parallaxuap.blogspot.com

Written by retired Navy Captain Joseph Gradisher, who now serves as the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (OPNAV N2/N6), the e-mail reveals that the public affairs office of the Department of Defense (DOD) is operating as a last set of eyes to oversee FOIA releases about UAPs.
Gradisher writes:
“Also, generally speaking, we let the normal FOIA process work as it is supposed to but we have been requesting that FOIA offices coordinate with us on UAP-focused FOIA responses before they hit ‘reply’ so that new terms/language/etc. aren’t introduced that complicate the overall messaging efforts.”

Are the United States military engaged in a coordinated informational narrative designed to eek out information at a slow rate, or is this simply to keep everyone on the same page?
What do you think Trawlers?


  • IMO, this is generally something you would expect the military to do given how these stories get sensationalized, not only by certain parts of the media, but by UAP hype media and content creators on YouTube, social media and blogs who more often than not just run with whatever narrative they read into every single release.

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