Gaia / Gaia Inc / Gaiam TV - from Yoga to Sci-Fi

Gaia was founded in 1988 in Boulder Colorado by Jirka Rysavy. It’s move into the modern media era was set in motion in 2005 when it acquired assets of GoodTimes Entertainment and Jetlag productions and in 2007 Lime TV and Zaadz, players in the new age arena featuring mainly yoga, meditation and healthy living content.

The success of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode under the content direction of Jay Weidner pushed Gaia’s content out into the woosphere, reaching the limits of conspiracy fringe.

Out-there testimonies and experiences are one thing, but Gaia has most definitely followed the trend of all modern media, editing their content to suit analytics - not solely in the best interest of the audience. Generally we see this in the mainstream media as sensationalized articles, or biases that reflect socially acceptable views on partisan issues, fracturing brands in certain directions.

For Gaia, I see a trend beyond Cosmic Disclosure where the company could have returned to its core recipe of spirituality & well-being but chose to dive deeper into dangerous elements of deep conspiracies.

The question as far as editorial direction should be at some point, where is the line in the sand for the ethical choice of discerning fact and science fiction.

If the company didn’t already cross that line with Cosmic Disclosure, perhaps presenting and relentlessly advertising fantastical cosmic episodes as factual truths. What do you think?


  • What I "know" is that owner/producers at Gaia are very Q-anon interested, and have fallen very deep into the stranger conspiracy beliefs.
     Instead of eliminating all of the questionable characters when the SHTF, they have allowed at least one to ride out the duration of their contract while conducting poor quality interviews, showing up at work under the influence, and such. Because it still brings in a straggling of viewers who still don't realize the whole SBA/Goode/GEM/Wilcock saga happened and the whole branch of UFOlogy has a bit of a parasite problem and is rotting off. 
    Though they have some truly though provoking information on there, and offer more "alternative" minded programming, ultimately they are an ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. They just want the $$$. I don't trust them to feed me truth. That isn't one of their core values, as demonstrated clearly for years.

  • It's interesting, I was watching an interview with Matias (the host of the initiation series on Gaia) and it was much, much more toned down. A lot of the absurdity seems to be the marketing and artwork of some of these ideas. The other problem is that it is simply presented without question which IMO is irresponsible as the internet is a minefield of people happy to take advantage of believers.
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