Space detectives find BEES and a Hominid Skull on Mars?

edited March 22 in UFOlogy
This wild theory recently emerged from a YouTube channel called ArtAienTv, which presented several 'gigapan' images taken by the Perseverance Rover which landed on the Martian surface last month.

The channel dives deep into close ups of the surface, initially declaring that there is 'clearly' an ape hominid skull among other items including a space helmet (which suspiciously looks like a rock). Channels like this reject debunking and dismissals of their findings as Pareidolia, and use markers and other techniques to persuade viewers that what they're looking at is indeed the remains of an ancient civilisation that once walked the red planet...

But if that's not wild enough, Clif High decided to take things up a notch, declaring on twitter that he has seen more than the mere remnants of apes in the images, but living bees buzzing over the dunes.

Although, Clif later disappointed his followers later saying that he now believes the bees were actually artefacts produced by the stitched gigapan images.

Regardless, some of these wild assertions make the famous 'face on Mars' theory look tame and needless to say, there is no basis of truth in these 'discoveries'.


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