Evidence that Ron Watkins is Q

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The HBO docuseries "Q: Into the Storm" offered a lot of new evidence that Ron Watkins and his father Jim were behind the Q posts - at least since shortly after it moved to 8chan. (For those not familiar, Ron was the admin of 8chan/8kun up until last November, and Jim is the site owner.) I really recommend watching it if you haven't.
Here, I've collated all the evidence from the docuseries and elsewhere that Ron was at least the linchpin and that Jim also had a hand in the Q posts.

  • On January 5, 2018, someone stole the original Q's tripcode, and the board owner, Paul Furber, wrote, "This Q is a larp - his IP is wrong". Ron verified it as Q anyway. Paul messaged him, saying, "THAT IS NOT Q and you KNOW IT." [1]
  • Q had a distinct change in writing style after moving to 8chan. [2]
  • Q tied itself to 8chan with the phrase "no outside comms". Also, Ron implemented a "super secure" tripcode for Q that only works on 8chan - meaning there'd be no way for Q to authenticate itself if 8chan got shut down permanently. It's been shut down before, which would be cause for alarm for Q.
  • Jim collects fountain pens, and both he and Ron collect expensive watches. Both of these appear in many Q drops. [3] [4]
  • Q once said that they would send a "message" to the 8chan team. Then, Fredrick Brennan, the admin at the time, mysteriously found a giant blue Q in his apartment, or so the story goes. [3] In reality, this "Q proof" was staged by Ron and Fred. Fred posted on the message board that it could be from Q, and Q never repudiated it. [1]
  • Key Q-drop aggregator site Qmap.pub is owned by Jim Watkins. [5]
  • In December 2018, Jim Watkins laid off most of his Goldwater employees. One former employee logged into the Goldwater's Twitter account and tweeted, "The truth about the entire QAnon movement would crush people and I don't want to be the one to do that". [1]
  • Ron told the filmmaker that Q "might be going on the offensive now." A few days later, Q said they were going on the "offense". [1]
  • Ron showed the filmmaker IP logs ostensibly tracing Q to Steve Bannon. He said he knew "from day 1" that he was Q, despite initially saying he had no idea who Q was. The filmmaker dismissed it as a red herring. [6]
  • Jim wore a Q pin while testifying before Congress, potentially as an inside joke. [7]
  • When 8chan came back online as 8kun, Q was able to post despite no one else being able to. Ron's rationalization was that they "tried really hard". [8]
  • Jim Watkins filed a cyberlibel claim against Fredrick Brennan. Nine days before the ensuing arrest warrant was issued, Q wrote "GAME OVER". [4]
  • Q's take on COVID-19 lined up perfectly with Ron's earlier take, which he subsequently deleted from Twitter. [8]
  • Jim told the filmmaker that Q would stop posting after the election, which is essentially what happened. [8]
  • On the day of the election, Ron resigned from 8kun and effectively brought Q over to Twitter. His writing style is practically identical to Q's at times. [9]
  • Ron told the filmmaker that he had spent three years "teaching normies how to do intelligence work" anonymously on 8chan. He said that what he was doing on Twitter was a public version of that. (Up to that point, he had been saying that he barely used 8chan.) [8]
  • On the day of the inauguration, Ron spoke for Q and told true believers to go back to their lives. [10]
  • As the docuseries was airing, Ron deflected suspicion that he's Q by suggesting that the filmmaker might be Q, despite having told the filmmaker that Bannon is Q. [11]

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  • Very interesting, I need to find a way to watch the "into the storm" series, sounds like an excellent watch
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