The Trawl Manifesto: Our mission statement

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Trawl is a collaborative research and discussion platform tracking online counter-culture, disinformation, conspiracies and the rational search for objective truth

Our aim is to harness the collective efforts and intelligence of the truth-seeking community to provide a living resource which others can reference and participate in. Essentially, Trawl is a public square where these conversations can happen in an age where social media is clamping down on the conversation completely.

We encourage open discussion of topics which are frequently the target of disinformation efforts. Open discussion means we will have different points of view, political and social positions, but it also is necessary to help individuals form their own opinions

To this point, Trawlers are those in search of the objective truth. There are no more qualified voices to help frame the reality of online counter-culture and conspiracies than those who have experienced the rabbit holes of the internet and understand how they work.

The collective aim of Trawl is not to confirm or debunk, but to contribute to the conversation. To provide richer context for consideration of all possibilities.


You can send me a message me here or on twitter.


Trawl uses a modified open source version of the Vanilla software.


This thread will be updated to include more information about the website over time.

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